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Exporting data from a Drawing Sheet to an external Drawing register during workflow cycle.

Question asked by Ben Dupres on Dec 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2018 by Jim Jaeger

Hi all,


We are currently preparing to implement PDM Professional.

During preparation a question has been raised on the ability to export data from a drawing sheet into an excel sheet.

The idea being is that we could generate and manage a drawing register 'behind the scenes' without having to rely on the 'unreliable human factor' to keep such a list updated.


Ideally, when the Drawing has proceeded the workflow and is marked as 'Approved for release', the data would be extracted into a Project specific Excel sheet located within the project directory.


  • Each time a new drawing is created and passes through the workflow, its added to the list
  • If an existing drawing is updated, the Revision field would be raised.
  • Information fields such as Project, Drawing name, Creation Date, Designer and Revision are in mind.


I've not had a chance to play with the PDM yet, so please excuse my ignorance if this has a simple answer, or if this is an available output function of PDM..


Thanks for your time,