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    Exporting data from a Drawing Sheet to an external Drawing register during workflow cycle.

    Ben Dupres

      Hi all,


      We are currently preparing to implement PDM Professional.

      During preparation a question has been raised on the ability to export data from a drawing sheet into an excel sheet.

      The idea being is that we could generate and manage a drawing register 'behind the scenes' without having to rely on the 'unreliable human factor' to keep such a list updated.


      Ideally, when the Drawing has proceeded the workflow and is marked as 'Approved for release', the data would be extracted into a Project specific Excel sheet located within the project directory.


      • Each time a new drawing is created and passes through the workflow, its added to the list
      • If an existing drawing is updated, the Revision field would be raised.
      • Information fields such as Project, Drawing name, Creation Date, Designer and Revision are in mind.


      I've not had a chance to play with the PDM yet, so please excuse my ignorance if this has a simple answer, or if this is an available output function of PDM..


      Thanks for your time,