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    Templates location - best practice

    Lasse Nielsen

      Hello forum,


      I have some questions regarding SolidWorks templates. Is it best practice to place template files on a network location outside the PDM or inside the PDM vault? And does the answer apply to all templates like bend tables, color swatches, custom material databases and so on?

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          David Matula

          I would suggest that all customized templates be located under one folder on the server.  In the vault is a good place too if you are looking to keep control over any changes to the templates.  there is nothing like having 32 different templates and files floating around the work place with everyone doing their own little thing.  Then one day the guy that has a project due has a family emergency come up and it takes hours to figure out what the heck that they were doing and how their files work.  

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            John Matrishon

            Lasse, my thinking is it really depends on how you are structured.   Dave has good points, but if you have some groups without access to the PDM folders (outside of data management), they would not have access to the location.   So, depending on your situation, if you can put them in the vault with just simple version control I'd go that direction.   You find that there could be certain types of setups that would be better off in a network folder (watch permissions on the folder).   Everyone works a little different, and you may not get everyone on board at first.  Have a plan, and a backup.


            That said:

            We will continue to use the network at the moment, but I have put the part, assembly, and drawing Templates into the Vault so they can used as direct right-click inside the folders.   It threw me at first that they are not Template file types, but regular SOLIDWORKS files setup in the vault to be templates with the Admin tool.   We don't update our templates often, so it's not a big deal to keep both types.



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              Christian Chu

              As others mentioned, each change on the templates can last up to few yrs so I just saved all templates (less than 10) on the server and they are connected to SW seats - I know it's recommended to save them in the Vault but I don't think there is much benefit doing that

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                Elmar Klammer

                Hello Lasse,


                Here is a good article (by  RockSolid Perspective | Jason Raak ) covering the same subject. This solution worked well for us.



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                    Bjorn Hulman

                    Interesting article, not sure if I agree with it.

                    They mention lag on referencing a template file? The template in my experience is not referenced, it is used to create a new document and then has nothing more to do. Templates I have used have never been very large either, so if you're experiencing lag, chances are you've got an extremely sick network.