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    can't create a replicate vault

    Daniel Römer

      Hi have a working 2017 PDM prof. installation.


      Now I whant to connect a second office to the vault by haveing a relicate in the office.


      So I installes a 2017 PDM archive server in the second office. I checked that the servers in office 1 are connectable from office 2 also DNS etc. is working.


      I can add the second archive server in the admin tool. So i tried to add the replicated vault to the new server, and did all the steps of the wizard. But when the process for making the vault start, it stops with this failure:


      Could not send server control command.



      Datum: 2017-12-13 12:36:09

      Modul: ConisioAdmin.exe

      Funktion: CFVServer::mhSendSCCmd

      Fehlercode: E_FVC_IO_ERROR



      Allgemeine Beschreibung des Fehlercodes:

      Konnte nicht auf eine Datei im Archivserver zugreifen.

      (Could not access to a file on the archive server)


      If I try to make a new vault I can do so but not the replic.


      Any ideas?


      best regards



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          Paul Wyndham

          I would look at any firewalls. Check both servers and make sure the Windows firewall is either off or has port 3030 and 1433 allowed bi-directionally. Wither or not Windows Firewall is active you can go into it and create a new rule for a port and allow access.


          You can test the connection from one server to the other using telnet with the command: telnet servername 3030. If you get errors you obviously can't make a connection. If the connection works you should get a blank screen.


          If you don't have telnet installed on the server you can install it from a command window using this command: pkgmgr /iu:"TelnetClient"

          Make sure you start cmd with the Run as administrator option from the right click menu. So, in the start menu type cmd, then when it is listed in the results list right click on it.


          When you run the command to install telnet it will take a couple minutes to run, and does not give you any indication that it is doing anything. Just give the telnet servername 3030 command a try a couple times.

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            James Falconer

            Hi Daniel,

            Our team created a connectivity test tool which cycles through all regular communication channels (ports) for PDM components. It's nice and easy to use tool that is specifically for PDM. It also creates an informative log file which can be sent to technical support for further analysis: S-069274


            I would recommend using this tool especially when encountering errors setting up replicated servers.

            Best Regards,

            James K Falconer

            Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp.

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              Martin Solem


              I'd check read and write rights to the file archive on the servers.

              The Archive server service runs on LOCAL SYSTEM account as default, it's that service (and that account) that performs the exchange of files. It's not given that the primary and secondary server's LOCAL SYSTEM account can read/write eachothers disks.

              As a test, maybe you can try run the services on a domain account instead. Just make sure the account has read/write rights on the archive folders and files.