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    Forum Testimonials

    Todd Blacksher

      Good Afternoon Everyone,

      My name is Todd, and I will be presenting with Alin Vargatu at SOLIDWORKS World 2018


      A good portion of our presentation will be spent discussing the benefits of participating in the forums.


      Does anyone have a story that we could share?

      Learn a new technique that completely changed your workflow?

      Share a tip or a trick with someone, and save them a ton of time?

      Have you "met people" on the forums that you "chat" with on a weekly basis?

      Do you ever find yourself saying "Oh, my friend from Australia showed me the coolest thing the other day!"


      There are so many stories, I'm sure that everyone has at least a couple . . .

      Who is willing to share them?




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          Glenn Schroeder

          Learning about the simplified design table from Paul Marsman at question about linear patterns and configurations was one that really sticks out for me.  Other than that, I've learned (and am still learning) so much from Deepak Gupta, Kelvin Lamport, Alin VargatuDan Pihlaja, of course Wayne Tiffany, and others too numerous to mention, that I wouldn't know where to start.


          When I started using SolidWorks there were two other people here who knew just a little bit more than I did, but I used the software more than they did, so I caught up to them pretty soon.  I eventually took some classes from our VAR, but otherwise pretty much all I know about the software I learned from trial and error (with a lot of error), and here.  I hate to think what my skill level would be without this forum.


          I feel like I have friends all over the world, many of whom I'll probably never get to meet.

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            David Matula

            Todd.....where have you been?   Well the forum is the place to pick up on stuff that you have forgotten about.  Having not used the program for a few years the basics are there and some of the questions that people ask kind of make you think.  Sometimes you have an idea on how to solve the problem.  #1 is don't do it like that to why would you want that?

            the settings have gone nuts and there are like 60,000 more than I remember there being.  This is a great place to find that setting that you have been looking at all day but can't see.  There are guys that know where they are and what line they are on and can take a screen shot and highlight the setting for you in 15 seconds after you ask the question.

                    The water cooler is a great place for simple questions like this or just for passing some time to kind of chat around.  The more you learn the less you know kind of like things.  I would have never found out about SLUGME with out this here and if it were not for a few buddies giving me some points to get into the top 100, which was the goal I set for starting a user group....We would have never made it.

                  get to write up ideas.  ask questions.....answer questions.....drive people nuts....not sure why but I have had a few more people start following me today....they may be after the secrete candy recipe.....who knows?

            all in all a bunch of great people on here that like to help others.

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              Michael Lord

              Well I try to keep up with all the cool stuff .......... sorry .......... you weren't referring to me ............. friend in Australia ..............oh sorry ........

              moving on ..... nothing to see here.....

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                Ned Hutchinson

                Forum=Wealth of Knowledge


                If i never found the forum i would not be nearly half as good as i am.

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                  Steven Richmond

                  Hi Todd,


                  Participation on this forum is two sided from my point of view. Firstly there is the knowledge transfer from other users where we all share tips and techniques on how to do something we currently can't or want to improve at. Secondly there is the change movement where we give a collective feedback to Solidworks on issues that could be better and I think as a community we have their ear to a certain degree, it has some power and influence behind it.


                  You only have to look how the top ten list has been changed this year from previous. The first thing that you are asked before submitting an idea is "How should we allocate our 2018 R&D resources?" and this I would say was mainly due to the ONE and TWO  movement. We also had the feedback on the user interface change which came in with 2016 and although negatively received the comments that were posted on here carried a large amount of weight behind them and as such within a few service packs the option to choose a classic interface was included.

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                    Dave Bear

                    I have learnt very many things in my short time in the forum. I have received help from a wide range of people all with differing specialities in skillsets and have been very appreciate of the patience they have shown with some of my questions. Although there are quite a few 'regulars' that I chat with in the forum, one person that was also very helpful and I managed to build a personal relationship with was Bernie Daraz. Apart from the fact that he was very knowledgeable with Solidworks, he was very comical and perceptive. Although it was borne out of a common poor circumstance, Bernie and I exchanged many an email covering all matter of subjects, not just Solidworks. In Bernie I found an International friend (like many others here) but one who I could really relate too outside of SolidWorks as well. Bernie understood me, knew what I felt, knew how I thought. I miss him greatly.


                    Long story short, the forum for me has been a gold-mine of wisdom, tried and tested. I have met (and continue to meet) some terrific people who are selfless in the way they help others. The forum is a mixing bowl of experience, ages, strengths, races, industries, practices and ideas that is spread globally. For me so far, this has helped me build better cakes! But get to know a person who has those ingredients, and you'll become a better man for the whole experience!



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                      Maha Nadarasa

                      Forum is a value addition to SWX. It helps me to take big stride in SWX.

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                        John Stoltzfus

                        Todd Blacksher - Totally with Ned Hutchinson - plus there are so many awesome people here on the forum that will do anything or most anything to help out with a real problem and at the same time be able to make fun of me when I do or say something wacked out.


                        I also appreciate the interaction of all the SolidWorks employees that are active here on the Forum, their vast knowledge of the product has proven to me that most issues that we encounter are the way we start a project, (Design Intent)


                        We can't do the same thing over and over and expect different results, searching for new ways, searching for better methods have always been my drive using SW.  It pains me to see people struggle unnecessarily.  I would love to mention everyone by name.but choose not to, (only because I would be afraid that I would omit somebody), but I'll just say the top 200 people here are very special people with a vast knowledge base in many different areas and have proven to me that all designs are possible using SolidWorks as a Design Tool.

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                          Rick Becker

                          For me Todd, The Forum is an opportunity daily to learn something new or different about a piece of software that I make my living using.

                          6 or usually more hours per day I use SolidWorks to design real world tools, dies, gages, fixtures and other components. The more efficient I am, the more versatile I am, the more accurate I am the more value I have.


                          One of the best learning opportunities the Forum brought me was Alin Vargatu's SWPUC - SOLIDWORKS Power User Challenges series. As each challenge unfolds I discover that SolidWorks Users have discovered a dozen or more ways to accomplish the most esoteric tasks. Usually, all but one of the methods is new to me and I discover the tool I use every day has more possibility than I ever imagined. It truly is fascinating to see what is attainable with SolidWorks.

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                            Deepak Gupta

                            First of all, the forum gives me networking opportunities. I’m proud to have made many friends and clients over the span of 8-9 years (though it feels that we know each other from ages)


                            Secondly it gives me continuous learning, increase in knowledge and discovering new ideas on how to do things. This helps me in solving my problems.


                            Thirdly I love to share my knowledge. It makes me feel really good to share my learning with others and help them out.


                            Fourthly I can share my views openly on the forum and discuss openly with other users, VARs and SOLIDWORKS employees on how we can improve SOLIDWORKS.


                            Finally I cherish on my relationship bond with the SOLIDWORKS community and this forum has played an important role in that.


                            In short “I’m NERD out for SOLIDWORKS Forums

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                              Dan Pihlaja

                              OK here goes.


                              I started using Solidworks around 2010.  Before that, I was using 2 different CAD packages regularly.

                              At first, Solidworks felt clunky to me, because I was modeling very complex shapes and it took lots of modeling time to get done what I needed to get done.

                              Then I started here at Skilled, and found out that the firewall blocked the Solidworks Forums (because it blocked all "forum" type sites).

                              After a few years, I finally asked the IT team to unblock the forum site.  All of a sudden, the answers to some of my questions were only a google search away.  Honestly, looking back at it, I felt like I broke through a wall when I got access to the Solidworks Forums.

                              Then I started asking a couple of my own questions, and found out that I knew the answer to a couple of other people's questions and started getting a little more involved with the forums.

                              Then Alin started his WPUC challenges and I found out about "Face Curves" things really haven't been the same since.   I wish that I knew back at my last job what I know now.  It would have made Gas mask modeling so much simpler!

                              Anyway, I just wanted to say that I have learned more about Solidworks in the last 6 months on the Forums than I have in the last 6 years of using it on my own.