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    Simplifying wires, tubing, routing, etc

    Jesse Powers

      Any thoughts on modeling wires, tube routing, etc in assys and parts with a polygon profile instead of a circle to reduce computational load?  Maybe a 5-side or 7-side polygon-- something simple and not used in general so it can be recognized as a cable, etc?  Is this a decent idea?  I have large, (2x2x7)-meter assemblies with 800+ parts.


      Please consider "getting a better computer/hardware" as an obvious and off-topic answer.  I'm just curious about the merit of polygon wires, etc...

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          Jeremy Feist

          if your wires, tubes, etc. are all straight, you should see a significant decrease in triangles needing to be rendered, but an increase in edges to be rendered (assuming you are not already running in shaded view mode instead of shaded with edges). if your wires, tubes, etc. are swoopy, the impact to triangle count will be a little less impressive. here is a quick test I did (all made with sweeps, all the same length)