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Auto resolve missing references - EPDM crawl

Question asked by Clayton Krause on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by Marijn Van Den Heuvel

Hello everyone!


My employer uses Solidworks and EPDM to library our CAD. EPDM is a complete mess due to everyone having access and no proper protocol put into place to keep things neat and tidy (lots of broken reference links).


Is there a way to do a full search of EPDM to "auto-resolve" all broken reference links in the assembly by looking for the specific part name throughout all of EPDM? It's a very brute force tactic, but the names of the parts stay the same, just get moved around within EPDM without having all of the assemblies that reference the part being updated to reflect the changed location of the referenced part. If there is not some straight forward "auto-resolve" feature, would this be something that could be written through a macro script?


I'm just a 3D Artist collecting CAD from EPDM for our product renderings and I find that 50% of my time is bumbling around aimlessly doing individual part searches via EPDM search tool to find the parts that have broken references so that I can update the primary assembly missing part references.


Looking for either a silver bullet solution or a point in the right direction. Many thanks for the help. This wouldn't be an issue if there weren't so many hands in the cookie jar on EPDM, but there is and it is, so I need to work around it the best I can.


Thank you kindly,