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Sheet Format Size Property call-out

Question asked by Nick Tzallas on Dec 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2020 by Frank Oostendorp

I have gone ahead and created all of the A paper size Sheet formats and respective sheet templates for all A0-A4 sizes for our company.

On the sheet format I have a call out for the sheet size $PRP:"SW-Sheet Format Size(Sheet Format Size)" and as per usual it returns the paper size (A4, A3 etc) depending on the format selected. Assuming of course you have used a standard sheet format as your base to start with.

Screenshot 1.jpg


We have a requirement for a custom elongated paper size. When creating and using the custom paper size setting to achieve it, the property call-out $PRP:"SW-Sheet Format Size(Sheet Format Size)" now returns "Custom". Fair enough, a logical placeholder value.

Screenshot 2.jpg


My question is, where can I find the SW-Sheet Format Size(Sheet Format Size) property so I can edit it and instead of it returning "Custom", have it say something like "Company extended" or whatever it maybe?