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Import motion loads for sheet metal simulation

Question asked by Ward Nica on Dec 12, 2017


I'd like to export the motion loads from a Motion Study into a static simulation of a sheet metal part. The part is only subjected to acceleration forces, following a rather complex shape, both rotation and translation.

I'm able to export these motion loads to every other non-sheet metal part in my assembly, but not to the sheet metal part.

Is this possible, or how should I work around this issue?

I was thinking about reading the X/Y/Z accelerations on the motion study plot, and applying a 'custom gravity', but this would apply the same acceleration on the entire part, which is undesired.


The picture shows the path that a vertex (cursor location) on the sheet metal part follows. My goal is to reduce weight on this part, thus correct representation of the motion loads is desired.

Motion Loads.png