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Solidworks to Cgm

Question asked by robert dattilo on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by robert dattilo


         We have customers that prefer Cgm files over Dxf for some 2/d drawing requirements. I'm wondering if anyone does this consistently & has found a way to do this more efficiently. Presently I output the SW file as a dxf, then go in & fix some scaling issues like leader lines or notes moving. I also sometimes have to replace flow charts that were bitmaps with jpegs. Next I open the dxf in Creo, & do a little more doctoring & then output it as a cgm. A couple of problems I'm having is, I lose the image flow chart in the process all together by the time of the cgm output, & lately it seems that the arrows aren't filling up. Having said that I don't believe SW will export as a Cgm (Maybe 2018?), but I'm also open to a reasonable translating package, if it could do this job more efficiently etc. Any ideas or experiences with this?


Thanks in advance for any input.

Rob_D;  SW_2017 sp 4.1