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    Solidworks to Cgm

    robert dattilo


               We have customers that prefer Cgm files over Dxf for some 2/d drawing requirements. I'm wondering if anyone does this consistently & has found a way to do this more efficiently. Presently I output the SW file as a dxf, then go in & fix some scaling issues like leader lines or notes moving. I also sometimes have to replace flow charts that were bitmaps with jpegs. Next I open the dxf in Creo, & do a little more doctoring & then output it as a cgm. A couple of problems I'm having is, I lose the image flow chart in the process all together by the time of the cgm output, & lately it seems that the arrows aren't filling up. Having said that I don't believe SW will export as a Cgm (Maybe 2018?), but I'm also open to a reasonable translating package, if it could do this job more efficiently etc. Any ideas or experiences with this?


      Thanks in advance for any input.

      Rob_D;  SW_2017 sp 4.1

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          robert dattilo


              I put this post out a while back. We are presently in need to do quite a few files, & I wondered if anyone has any ideas. We might be open to an assisting translating product to get Solidworks files to the cgm, but I was hoping to get some positive info. through use & review. I know that this is a pretty old file format preference, but again a major customer prefers it.


          Thanks, in advance if anyone can add any info.


          SW 2017_ sp5