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    Copied sketch moves

      When I try to copy a portion of a sketch that I brought in from Acad, and paste it into a new sketch, the sketch ends up moving. If I do a derived sketch using the whole sketch it works great. I have a very complex sketch and I want use different parts of it and not deriving the whole thing a bunch of times. any ideas would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Wayne
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          Charley Leonard
          If I understand your need correctly, sketch blocks might work well for you. They're in the help file under "blocks - sketch entities"
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            Thanks Charley, I haven't attempted to make blocks yet, but I'll give it a try tomorrow. Best Regards, Wayne
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              Deepak Gupta
              I do that many times and never got into any sketch moved out. Most of the time I use copy and paste and that works fine.

              You can try this: Open the ACAD drawing file and remove the entities you want to export to SW. Save the modified file with a different name. Now open that file directly with SW and as a part file, keeping in mind about the units. Hope this help.
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                You can create a block as a separate drawing file that you can insert into other drawings. (DWGeditor)

                To save a block as a separate file
                Advanced experience level

                Do one of the following:
                Choose Tools > Save Block To Disk.
                On the Tools toolbar, click the Save Block To Disk tool ().
                Type wblock and then press Enter.
                In the File Name field, type the name of the drawing file you want to create.
                Click Save.
                In the prompt box, choose one of the following:
                Multiple Blocks: This option saves one or more existing block entities to a separate drawing file. When prompted, type the name of the block(s).
                All Entities: This option immediately saves the entire drawing to a separate drawing file.
                Select Entities: This option saves those entities you select to a separate drawing file. When prompted, specify the insertion point for the block, select the entities for the block, and then press Enter.


                NOTE When saving multiple blocks or saving the entire drawing as a separate drawing file, the program assigns the 0,0,0 coordinate as the insertion base point. You can change the base point by opening the drawing and redefining the block.

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                  Thanks guys, When I get a chance I'll try both options and see what works best. This is a great forum! Thanks, Wayne