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Question asked by Nick Gvk on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2017 by David Matula

i have an isue with using this forum


and it keeps popping up again and again

it gets most obvius while navigating true this
Parts and Features

the problem is that people are on all different platforms/years of solidworks

they post the part file

but if the post a 2017 sldprt  there is no way of opening it in 2014 2015 2016 or lower

wich makes helping dificult

only way of knowing this is downloading the file trying to open it

if u cant u need to wait until someone posts a picture in order to help

and since most newwer pieces of software are more capable there is  a big chance i can help using a lowwer software version


this aplies to so many sections of this forum

macro`s that work on 2017 , wont  work on 2012

but 2012 wil work on 2017



its frustrating going true this

and could easely be helped with having a topic prefix


im on a programming forum as wel and they have a prefix in the tittle of the topic like , html or c# or php



C#              need help hooking into batch commands


HTML5      need help with custom H7 heading



here is a quicpic of different ways u can go about something like this




would be grealty apriciated of this could be adressed

if the dev`s of this forum do not have enough knowledge/time   i would like to do the work for free
but since they added allot of functionality to this forum already i doubt they need my help



also it would be nice for the  macro section to have special code sections

and then protect them using spoilers so people that are not a member of this forum cannot see it


quickpic for exampleKnipsel.PNG