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Maximize eDrawing window issue

Question asked by Robert Stemen on Dec 11, 2017



I'm using two monitors.  When I open an eDrawing file and expand it to full screen on my main 27" monitor, everything is fine (see fig 1).  If I minimize it, drag it to my 24" secondary monitor, and maximize it to fit full screen on that monitor, the eDrawings window is transparent along the right and top sides. (see fig 2). I can pan the drawing but the blue you see (my desk top) is always visible.


Please note, with the drawing on the 24" secondary monitor, I can minimize the drawing and then manually drag it to fit full screen to avoid this but as soon as I click the maximize button I get fig 2. I've run eDrawings for a long time with two monitors in the past and never had this issue.  I don't recall changing a setting but maybe I did.


Any ideas?