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MS Vista issue

Question asked by 1-9C36HC on Jan 28, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2009 by Jason Corl
This is a body of really smart people that sit in front of XP and Vista everyday so I'm hoping that you can help me out.
I am having a particular problem with MS Vista (business edition) which I've read about on some other forums. It is really driving me crazy and I'm wondering if any of you have found a solution to it. Here is my problem:

1) There are often times that programs will hang (true in XP also) in which I need to use the Task Manager to "kill" them (end process.) It seems that with Vista, this is not as effective as it was in XP. For instance, I might have an IExplorer Browser window that freezes. Often times now in Vista, I use the Task Manager to try and kill the process and nothing happens - it just still sits there in the Task manger and in my Vista desktop. My only recourse is to do a hard-reset. I'm finding that I'm having to do this a couple of times a day now.

2) The second problem that I have, and I don't know if this is my Dell M6400 laptop or Vista, is when I put it to sleep or hibernation, I come out of sleep and launch a program (like IE) and it just launches and hangs. Worst yet, I try to shutdown or restart - that hangs too. So that's one of the contributors to me having to hit the power button so frequently.

Any advice or help (please don't recommend installing beta Windows7) would be appreciated.