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    votes on ERs

    Joseph Sensenig

      is there a place to see how many people have voted on a certain ER? There are a few enhancements that I'd really like, and have voted for, but what is the likelihood they'll be implemented? Does SW Corp need to see a certain number of votes before they'll implement something?

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          John Stoltzfus

          Maybe Jim Wilkinson - can explain the process??

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            David Matula


                         If you voted for them then look for them to get implemented.  If they are real time savers for you and others look for it to happen.  The implementation of these request all kind of depends on the time it takes to do them.  Some are easy to implement and some may require major coding that will take a while to get done.  When submitting request, or voting for one if you give enough details on how much time it will save you and how often you use this they take it seriously.  Before the voting started for request there was no telling how many request that they would get to do the same thing.  At least we as users get to take a look and shake our heads and hope that a lot of them do not get implemented. 

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              Kelvin Lamport

              People can not view and therefor can not vote on other peoples ER's. Omly when (or if) a SPR number is assigned to an ER, can that SPR be viewed by others and voted upon.