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    restraints of spanner-bolt system in a simulation

    Rachid Brah


      I was wondering if someone can advise on what are the best restraints to model the wrench-bolt system please (Check picture). I have calculated the contact forces acting on the wrench between the jaws, but I am having trouble figuring out how to restrain the model to get the best results.

      Thank youCapture4.PNG

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          Logan Atkins

          Do the study with both the bolt and the wrench, fix the threaded area of the bolt and apply the load to the end of the wrench. Apply a "no penetration contact" to all the contacting faces between the wrench and the bolt. then you will probably need to apply a roller slider to the face of the wrench to keep it from moving. if you get a "large displacement" error rerun with "soft springs" turned on to see what is moving