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plane with angle which move/deform its sketch

Question asked by Eric Benessy on Dec 10, 2017
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After many hours to dig I stop : if the coincident line between two planes does not pass by the origin the sketch is moved and sometime deformed depending the angle



here the center of the hexagon over the plane 5 is over the coincident line





here when modifying the plane 5 angle the hexagon has moved and its center is not anymore over the coincident line even if the plane 5 has moved correctly over the coincident line ????


I've check one thing : it is the coincident line which should have to pass by the origin and not the sketch center ( here the hexagon center )


In my case I have 3 planes ( 2 parallel and one with an angle ) but if I try with only the front plane and a second with an angle nothing change : the coincident line should have to pass by the origin



Thanks by advance