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Using fields from the data card to fill in multi-line text in drawing notes

Question asked by Steve Krause on Dec 10, 2017

We use Enterprise PDM and SW2016.  We have data cards for model parts that IF the designer takes the time to fill out the fields in the data card, are then used to fill in custom property text in the part's drawing file.  This works well for places on the fab drawing like title blocks and in some text in our standard notes.  Really simple stuff like the part number and part description name get filled in automatically.  I've also made a Finish field in the data card so that designer can select from a list that includes items like PASSIVATE, CLEAR CHEM FiLM, POWDER COAT,    etc.    That fills in the finish section I have in the notes by calling the custom property.  It works but I'd like to make it work more completely so that when I select "POWDER COAT BLACK SMOOTH" it would place about five short lines of text defining the black powder coat in the finish field of the drawing notes.  In other words I would like it to place more text than was selected in the pull down AND I want  to be able to format the text so that I can control the line break to put one set of words on the first line, another set of words on the second,.... rather than letting all that text get formatted by the size of the annotation window. 


Is that possible?