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Possibly the dumbest routing question ever!!!!!

Question asked by Dave Bear on Dec 9, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by David Matula

Hi all,

I decided to have a go at the SW2016 SP3 Routing Tutorial.

I've followed it to the letter so far and no problems......................UNTIL

Rout 1.JPG


What exactly am I expected to do with that guideline???? Am I supposed to just sit and think about the new Routing template that I've created and saved as the routing template to use in Routing Library Manager?


Rout 2.JPG


Obviously, the skid that is loaded (as per tutorial) is based on a normal assembly template. So I'm guessing now that the tutorial wants me to (some how, it's unexplained) dictate within this normal assembly where my routing assembly template is so that I may start a route. Am I wrong?


If I'm not, then why isn't there a better description on how exactly I need to "determine my default (routing) template location" (within this assembly) before starting the route?


Or have I simply lost the plot altogether...................


Now I'll wait for some guiding light to put egg on my face!