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    network help please

      hi all, you know when you add a page to a drawing and it goes off to find the page format etc. mine keeps going off to the old server address, so it grinds to halt. Ived searched in settings and with regedit and even searched to whole hard drive. how do i tell sw where the new server is? just thought its not saved in the template is it? cheers mart
        • network help please
          Wayne Tiffany
          Take a look at the sheet properties to see what sheet format is referenced in your drawing. It might be that reference that's taking you somewhere undesirable.

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            Mark Kaiser
            Tools>options>default templates
            Tools>options>file locations

            I believe the first option is what you need to change.
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                i have checked the setting and all ok in options. all refer to new server address.
                when in a drawing
                right click
                selct properties, wait 45 seconds!
                in sheet format/size area
                next to browse button
                the unc link to the old server is shown.
                i click browse and wait 45 seconds
                i then select the correct folder and file and it puts the file name in the box.
                click ok.
                if i then repaet the above its all forgoten.
                any body about from SW?
                cheers mart
                  • network help please
                    John Sweeney
                    Hi Martin,
                    References to unavailable servers can take some time before it realizes the server is unreachable. My machine takes roughly 5 seconds to figure out the server is invalid before displaying the dialog. I have seen other cases, perhaps network dependent, where invalid UNC references or HTTP references take up to 30 seconds.

                    With regard to changing the template reference to a new valid location, I cannot reproduce the problem you describe where it fails to save the change... If I use a drawing template from a server and then RMB-Properties and change the template reference to some other server, it remembers the change when I perform the RMB-Properties again. Likewise, if I reload the drawing, the template references the new location.

                    What version of SolidWorks are you using? Can you reproduce the problem if you create a new drawing and then change the template reference to another server location?

                    Best Regards,