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    Saving Bodies and Keeping Properties

    Rob Haman


      What an excellent post for those of us hoping to learn as much as you know about SolidWorks. I would like to take #15 a little further and see if there is a work-around or something I am missing.


      I've modeled a "practice" weldment to get a better handle on working with them. When saving the bodies, I gave each member a name consistent with the system I use at work, such as Detail A, Detail B, etc. When the member is placed on a sheet, neither the tree or the view references this name, only "Structural Member2 of Weldment". On a small weldment this isn't much of an issue, but on a larger one it opens the possibility of an error in manually naming each sheet.


      I have tried using the Insert to New Part option while also creating an assembly but once created, the parts are no longer linked to the weldment - ie: changes aren't reflected in the parts or assembly and vise versa.