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Complete the MBE learning path at SOLIDWORKS World 2018 and obtain a free CSWP-MBD exam voucher

Question asked by Oboe Wu Employee on Dec 9, 2017

Just in case you didn’t notice, the SOLIDWORKS World 2018 agenda has gone live. 6000 engineers like yourself are gathering again at Los Angles, California in the United States from February 4 to 7, 2018 to celebrate this warm and exciting engineering family reunion.


To facilitate a more cohesive learning structure, we are organizing the Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) learning path again. Last time, hundreds of participants have completed this path and received their free CSWP-MBD exam vouchers, a $49.95 value. This time, if you complete 3 out of 5 sessions on the MBE learning path as shown in Figure 1, you will receive an email of a free voucher after SOLIDWORKS World. Remember to download the attached meetings to your Outlook Calendar.


Figure 1. Five sessions on the MBE learning path.


I’m particularly excited about the pragmatic industry presentations by three MBE leaders.

  • Monday morning (February 5), 10:30AM to 12PM, Casey Gorman will be sharing his experiences in the Where, When, and Why of using Model-Based Definition (MBD). His MBD presentations in past have been sought after by many large and small manufacturers. In the SOLIDWORKS family, everybody knows Casey. Just in case you haven’t met him, do a quick search on the SOLIDWORKS forum. You will find him to be one of the most helpful SOLIDWORKS gurus.
  • Monday afternoon (February 5), 2:45PM to 3:45PM, William Cockrell will present how Raytheon approached and succeeded in the transition from 2D drawings to MBD. The session will provide the methods used that drove the adoption and implementation of MBD at Raytheon Missile Systems (RMS) and the push to adopt MBD and MBE across the enterprise. Wills' fun and energetic personality will make this session a great joy.
  • Monday afternoon (February 5), 4:30PM to 5:30PM, Denise Fitzgerald will walk us through some of the successes and lessons learned in creating the digital thread at MIT Lincoln Labs. She will share how to expand SOLIDWORKS® Model-Based Design (MBD) usage to a wider enterprise. Despite her busy schedule leading up a team of hundreds of engineers, her thoughtful and practical feedback has helped improve SOLIDWORKS capabilities tremendously in the past decade.

Besides these three sessions, we will hold an interactive MBE panel discussion from 2:45PM to 3:45PM Wednesday afternoon (February 7). Come to this session with your specific questions. Let’s discuss together with the panelists who may have been there and done that already.


See you there.