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SolidWorks World 2018 Event - CAD Monkey Dinner

Discussion created by Daniel Ferrucci-Herzberg on Dec 8, 2017
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Hey All!

It's that time again! As we've done every year since 2012, the savviest CAD Monkeys in town for SolidWorks World 2018 will be meeting for a night of food and fun in one of our host city's hottest locations. It's become the unofficial kick-off to SolidWorks World - a time when the SolidWorks community can take in the city’s sights and tastes before the conference gets underway. 


Since the first event seven years ago – when a handful of SolidWorks gurus kicked off the tradition at the Hard Rock Café in San Diego – this “little” gathering has exploded in popularity. Dozens of CAD Monkeys have consistently taken over local hotspots – from Alice Cooperstown in Phoenix to the Y.O. Steakhouse in Dallas – with attendance rising every year. Last year I had the honor of hosting this event for over 60 bloggers, users, employees and user group leaders - so many, in fact, that it morphed from a large group dinner to a private function! This year is sure to be even bigger, and once again, we'll be renting out a function space. 


On Saturday, February 3rd at 7:00pm, we'll be taking over the plaza patio at Tom's Urban in LA Live. To register, and reserve your place on the list, head to https://paypal.me/pools/c/7YWQEZQMbV

  This huge event is being supported this year by some very generous sponsors. Puget Systems and Trimech are contributing to our food and beverage budget, while 3DConnexion has provided several SpaceMouse Wireless Kits which will be raffled to some lucky monkeys at the event. Puget Systems


This event could be one of the largest community-sponsored SolidWorks events ever, and the networking opportunities are invaluable. If you’re planning to arrive in LA by Saturday night, you won’t want to miss this gathering; and if you can’t be there, please help to spread the word, we need as many contributions as we can get!


See you in LA, monkeys!