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Flex feature help

Question asked by Gary Liptrot on Dec 8, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by Gary Liptrot

I haven't had much experience with the flex tool - whenever I have used it outside of the basic tutorials I've gotten weird results so clearly I'm not using it correctly.  I do however think it will be the best option for achieving what I want to see.


Whilst modelled as sheetmetal with a sketched bend, the attached part shown below works fine however once I add the raised treadplate pattern it obviously becomes unsolvable.  I don't need the solid pattern for the manufacturing drawing as I know I can use a cosmetic pattern and notes to illustrate the surface with the tread, however purely as an educational exercise and a visual representation in the GA, I want to try and show the part as it would look once bent.


Could someone have a go at bending just the highlighted fork of the part up at 10 degrees?  I can then see how you set things up to learn for the future.

FYI we're still using SW2017 here unfortunately.


Thanks in advance.