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    What is the usage of "3D sketch on plane"?

    Alex Write

      Hi, friend,

      For doing surface modeling I need to use only 3d sketches. There is an another 3d sketch called "3D sketch on plane". How and when is it beneficent? When I select it, it just draws like ordinary sketch(just in two dimensions).

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          Dan Pihlaja

          It is similar to the insert plane into 3D sketch function.



          Basically, it allows you to draw some sketch features on a particular plane.


          If you will notice, when you use either the Insert plane or sketch on plane (for 3D sketch), if you exit the sketch and come back in, the plane is gone.


          It is a temporary way to allow certain features of the sketch to be planar, because sometimes getting things planar in a 3D Sketch takes a lot of clicks and it is a shortcut. (sort of)..