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File preview crashes windows explorer

Question asked by Joseph Adams on Dec 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by Aleexandre Baharov

I'm reaching the end of my rope with this problem.  Every time I mouse over Solidworks files (simple hover, not a click) in a windows explorer window OR within Solidworks, it crashes windows explorer or Solidworks respectively.  I'm running windows 10, Solidworks 2017 sp4.1.  I've tried the following:


Ensured the "Show thumbnail graphics in Windows Explorer" is selected in Solidworks options

Ensured the "Show preview handlers in preview pane" option is selected in windows' folder options

I've manually registered the swdocumentmgr.dll, sldwinshellextu.dll and sldthumbnailprovider.dll

Updated/re-installed video card drivers with workstation certified drivers (AMD Firepro v7900)

Booted computer to safe mode and replicated the behavior (I think this eliminates a driver problem)

Performed a Solidworks repair using the installation manager

Complete uninstall and re-install of solidworks 2017 (but not 2016 which is also installed...yet)


Worth noting is that a complete uninstall of 2017 resolved the problem, but returned after re-installing.  Also worth noting is that the problem started after I uninstalled 2018 beta 3 (subscription expired, can't install full version). 


Next step is a complete uninstall of all version of Solidworks from the machine, which I'd rather avoid if possible.  Any suggestions would be most appreciated!!!