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Cut plane section cap possible/planned in Visualize?

Question asked by Paulius Jatautas on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2020 by Michael Mullineux

Hello fellow computer monkeys,


My work depends on doing model section renders in Visualize and having a "dumb" section plane without capping the model is a huge show stopper to me. In other words: the section plane function is totally useless and I bet almost nobody is using it. Just look at this monstrosity...




Currently I am doing all sections in SW as separate configurations but that is consuming too much time when I have to work with big assemblies having lots of parts.

So is it planned (or even possible) to add this function in the future to Visualize and if yes how far into the future are we talking about? My choice of rendering software depends on it so please say what is happening on this front in Visualize roadmap.

Maybe an option to export a section view (not graphics-only section view but... the proper one... you know) from SW to VZ could be possible?

I really like Visualize but... And i don’t think I am alone in this.