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Creating cables between different symbol types?

Question asked by Phillip Pine on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2018 by Johnathen Lieber

In a mixed scheme:


We can create and detail cables between line-diagram symbols.  awesome.

We can create and detail cables between multiline symbols.  also awesome.


But is there a way to create and detail a cable between the two types of symbols?   Basically a line-diagram cable that fans out into a pigtail of multiple wires?


We'd like to do this to keep our schematic drawings clutter free by avoiding tons of wires, and also avoiding having to make many unnecessary connection points on "standard" cable ends. For example, typically one end of our cables is standard RJ45, the other end are usually custom pinouts. 


Our workaround is to make two very small squarish symbols of each type, and place them at the junction where the fan-out occurs.  (Basically making two cables that look like one).   This looks fairly good in schematic, but doesn't seem like it will route properly and is a bit wonky.


I suppose we could use connection tables... but it's just a very different style since most of our schematic is visually "multi-line" in nature.


Thanks to any who read or respond.