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    Very unreasonable...

    Tony Lin

      Because some computer hardware problem,solidworks got a wrong messge

      """Warning:Activation count exceeded. Either deactivate a license from another computer and retry, or contact your reseller. (3/0)""

      I called reseller ,my reseller(SolidWizard) said we need to reset this keyID , but we need pay about US$270. It need US$270 to do it?      Very unreasonable.......

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          Kevin Quigley

          Do you have an active subscription Tony? Because if so, your reseller is taking the p*ss. This error is very common - I come across it most times when I try to update SolidWorks or do a fesh install on a machine that has already had SolidWorks installed. The issue is that SolidWorks - by default - only allows a single active installation at a time per license. They used to offer two activations, years ago, but that changed on the quiet a few years back (something I only discovered when trying to install an update). Typically, that use was for a desktop install and a laptop or home use install.


          Usually - most of the time - the internet activation/deactivation thing works fine. So you deactivate on your desktop, then reactivate on your laptop and off you go, then reverse when returning to the office. The issue is when you rush out and forget to deactivate, or forget to activate on the laptop and have no internet connection to do so.


          So what happens here is on pretty much every installation we do we get that error above. I make 1 call a year to our reseller, and that is to get them to clear the activations so I can install the new versions. They simply log onto their customer support area, and reset the activations for that license, so when we then reinstall it can activate OK. It takes the reseller about 30 seconds.


          Now the issue I have with that is that why can't the customer do this themselves? Why involve the reseller? What happens if it is Friday evening at 8pm and you have a deadline for Monday AM, and you need to reactivate and nobody at the VAR is picking up? This is a crap system to be frank. Internet actuavtion with a manual old school system. Daft. The resellers hate it as well.


          So to your issue.


          If you are on active subscriptions call the reseller, tell them to clear the activations and move on. This should be be part of the subscription service. If they refuse, then contact SolidWorks and tell them you wish to move VARs, citing this as a reason.


          Now, if you are NOT on active subscription, the VAR is probably trying to extract what cash they can. Whether that is unreasonable or not I can't say, and it may well be that they have to pay a fee to SolidWorks to gain access to the reactivation system again - I don't know. This is part of the reason why subscription exists - so you get access to the services and support when it is needed.


          Like I said above, I would like to see all the back end customer systems open to the actual customers, so we can just log in, check what machines are activated and what are not, clear them or reactivate them online. No reason  - apart from politics - why this isn't the case. Compare to Adobe Creative CLoud or Microsoft Office 365. We subscribe to both "team" versions here. At any time, I can just log in as the admin, and check who has installed what, move licenses around and sort out issues. I'm a designer not a IT support guy. Time for SolidWorks to catch up.