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    SW Won't Let Me Close Without Saving.....

    Chris James

      I've used SW in the past at another company and never had this issue, but now at a different company if I open up an assembly and change/add or remove a part or multiple parts and then decide that I no longer want to keep all of those changes and try to exit, SW won't let me close without saving.


      It can happen in any type of scenario, even if I just do something as simple as turn an assembly, I can't close without saving....


      It doesn't happen on every assembly, but I'd say a good 90% of them require me to save before closing. So on the ones that I don't want to save, I have to open up Task Manager and End Task for SW.


      It even happens when creating a drawing.....if I start a drawing and decide that I no-longer need to then I can close without saving, so I have to save to my desktop so I can delete it from there.


      Any ideas on why this happens? If I try to close it just hangs up until I press escape then end task in task manager.


      I am using SW 2013 x64 Edition SP05


      Thanks in advance,