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    PDM - Multiple serial numbers

    Robert Pickeral

      I've been challenged with the following:


      49 folders that each need their own serial numbering scheme. The numbering is the same, a 3 digit counter value. But each folder needs its own unique counter. Example:

      (Folder) A320-44




      (next number would be -004)


      (Folder) E195-25





           (next number would be -005)


      How can I best achieve this? If I have 49 folders, will I need 49 separate serial number items in the Solidworks Admin tool? Obviously that's not a desired solution. I can just see the right-click menu having 49 options from which to choose. Wow.


      Could the user enter the sub-folder, then right-click to generate the next number for that folder? If so, how is that possible - using one serial counter? Or is it not possible? Much thanks!