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What is the best appearance for stainless steel?

Question asked by Marketing Nauta on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by Marketing Nauta

Hi all,


For the project i work on, we have to render door handles for a catalog. The door handles are drawn in Solidworks.

They come in two materials, stainless steel and aluminum.

I didn't had any experience in Visualize, only very little in 3d modeling. I followed the course from solidworks but some things are still a bit unclear and the 'trial and error' method keeps trialling and erroring.

The aluminum door handles worked out pretty quick though but the stainless steel isn't. Even with an example from solidworks from the guy ho made it. I made a dozen of testings, and they all doesn't look that bad, they also doesn't look like the right material either.

Does anyone know some good settings for stainless steel? Maybe with the right studio/scene? Or maybe some good tips how to setup the project?

I have added the example from solidworks and it has to look a bit like that.


Thanks in advance!