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    Search for users benchmark information

    Eyal Siryon

      Hello all.

      We are thinking of going to the virtual area with Nvidia grid and VMware environment.

      I have found in the benchmark results some that looks like our infrastructure. How can I reach those users that posted the results?

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          Terry Raymond

          I’m looking for opinions on nVidia Grid too, or other virtualized environments.

          Anyone on the board have experience?


          We’re looking at getting either 16x i7 8700k Xeon W-2125 workstations or 2x Grid units.  My gut tells me the Grids will run about half as fast.  We have faitly large assemblies (1000+ parts).  Our old i7 4790k’s are wearing out, are slow with some models.

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              Terry Raymond

              Sharing some testing - We just did a proof of concept test with Dell; they had a 3.2ghz server with an M10 tesla unit installed.

              Performance was equivalent to our current desktops with 4.5ghz i7 4790Ks.  Rebuild time the same, file open time the same. 

              But Solidworks loaded in 4 seconds, compared to ~12 on our old desktops.  (maybe due to raided SSDs?)