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Copying a Toolbox standard to make a customized standard - different results from <hw-descrp>.

Question asked by David Hinners on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by Solid Air

I copied the Toolbox ANSI Inch standard to make a customized standard, and I get different results from the <hw-descrp> field.  Can that table be edited somewhere?  I edited the calloutformat.txt file at the same time, and my changes are showing up. However, the result from the <hw-descrp> field is different between the two standards even though it was a direct copy.


Example (Top callout is from the copy, Lower callout is from ANSI Inch):

Toolbox callout issue.JPG

Both holes were inserted the same way, and both have the same text fields, i.e.


<MOD-DIAM> <hw-diam> <HOLE-DEPTH> <hw-depth>