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Mirrored part drawings not exporting to DWG

Question asked by Hillary Hood on Dec 5, 2017

I'm currently working on making some detailed drawings of parts a colleague of mine made.


He has made a lot of sheet metal parts that are mirrors.  When making the detailed drawings for these mirrored parts, none of them had flat patterns.  He told me when making the drawings to reference the parent part in the drawing for the mirrored then in drawing view, go down and select mirror part, and add my dimensions from that.  Well this seemed great at the time except now when I export these sheet metal parts to DWG they have all the dimensions in the right place but show the parent part in the view.

This one is simple enough for me to just re-do, but if there is a way to make the DWG save the same views as in my solidworks drawing that would be fantastic.  I also have to deal with all the detailed drawings he did of mirrored non-sheet metal parts where he did the same thing, mirroring the view referencing parent part.  I don't have time to spend an entire day re-detailing his work.


Any suggestions?