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solidworks home licence and solidworks profanity

Question asked by Willi Gindner on Dec 5, 2017

i was told to edit this as it contained profanity, i am not sure what that was but it could have been the use of the word "ST" commonly known as poop! now changed to " DODO"or is it the word "Screw" incontext of what they do to people that own Solidworks, or i am thinking reasonable service, Stability and Industrial Quality,  i think it is the later in yellow that is Solidworks profanity.


It is amazing how solidworks can do whatever it wants and screw people of their money, Aerocomp Aerospace has in the past paid out 10’s of thousands of dollars for our Solidworks products and subscriptions and I have never had a great feeling about an update, more of a Terror of what Surprises I will find once we do an update and then can’t go back. [

In purchasing several licenses all with a marketed and defined Home license and now in Solidworks Greatest wisdom they have removed this feature with regard to our Purchased Contract, Have you ever tried to purchase or sell one of your licenses, you can’t transfer ownership unless it is with a sale of your Corporation, yet they do whatever they want !

Now we have not used our PDMworks enterprise for several years since it does not play nice with Solidcam, so, I decided to give up subscription on all but one EPDM licence and apparently there is also a downgrade fee, We purchased licenses at a full fee per seat and Solidworks seems to think that annual subscription is somehow linked to each other.

Solidworks has gone downhill and has made many bad choices with this software, adding useless broken changes and keeping you locked in hoping for a change so that you will see what is required for an industrial design product ( Stability and Industrial Quality) . Solidworks is a great package aside from this and I purchased my first seat in solidworks 98 but so much garbage over the years and 2017 is no better, it seems I need to move from 3K 30 inch Dell  monitors to 8k monitors due to the bad scaling of garbage information icons I can’t turn off ( 2013 is much better), I am forced to do the brunt of my work with 2013 then when the model is done use 2017 for better integration of Solidcam 2017, what a useless way to do things.

  1. The big down side is that I have not seen major changes in core functionality since solidworks 2007 , and I am sure many people dreaded the 2008 release J I went from 2007 to 2013 due to the issues that plagued the versions in between, and now I am being forced to use 2017 to integrate with solidcam 2017and all of its issues.

If anyone knows of a class action suit against Solidworks for any of these issues please let me know so that I may participate with the masses.

One of these days I will arrive at work and Solidworks will have decided that I do not need the software I paid for and it will be gone and they will not give a “DODO” , People need to Show them Contracts are binding on both sides and that reasonable service is required for maintenance.

To top it off I can’t open my clients Catia files directly and I need to ask for both Step and Iges files from them so I can pick the one that is the lease corrupt when you open it, I have not tried it but Inventor apparently opens Catia files directly?? Go figure.

People need to Stand up to this one sided Billing Company and make them deliver Quality product for our Maintenance Cycles.