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How to create a curved rack (and pinion) in SolidWorks 2018?

Question asked by Asko Kauppi on Dec 5, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by Krzysztof Wojcik

SolidWorks has built-in support for a straight rack-and-pinion, but what if I want is this:


curved rack.PNG

The way I reached it was to make a sketch of the tooth, use "wrap" to place it on the curve, then "curve driven pattern" to replicate it both ways. This felt tedious - like there must be a better way.


Also, I faced certain problems indicating I'm walking on trails not frequently travelled. If I try to wrap a single tooth, with rectangular part for the "bottom land", SW wouldn't do it because of some geometry issues. So I either need to join the teeth later by a rectangular sweep, or provide multiple teeth in the sketch to begin with.


All in all, how should I have done it?