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Solidworks Pro 2015 Activation Won't Work

Question asked by Gary Maupin on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by Benjamin Modic

Our company has Solidworks 2015 Professional installed on a laptop. It is not very practical for me to keep transferring files to and from the laptop and I read and saw a video saying that it was possible to transfer the licence to another computer, all I had to do was "deactivate" from one computer and "activate " it on the other. First off, after searching and searching, I could not find any option anywhere to "deactivate" the software from the laptop. What ended up happening was I seem to have migrated the license from one computer from the other...sort of. It gave me a 30-day trial period in which to activate the software. I attempted to reverse the process, but the software says there is no licence to move back onto the laptop it was originally on. The 30 days have lapsed, and the desktop the license was transferred to says to activate by email, which it will not do, and just tells me to contact my re-seller. I do not know who the re-seller is, all I know is I have two computers that Solidworks Pro 2015 is failing to work on. How can I get it to work on at least one of the computers?