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2017-2018 Installation bug on HP Spectre

Question asked by Martin Manriquez-Castillo on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by Ryan Dark

I have been having trouble installing Solidworks 2017-2018 from the SolidWorks Community download that university provides for my team. Upon downloading the installation manager I keep getting a shrunken buggy screen. I have gone through most common solutions that I could find; downloading Windows 10 pro, deleting previous existing files of SolidWorks, Troubleshooting the application and changing settings. I either get "This version of Solidworks is not compatible with Windows XP"  or The compatibility mode says that the Solidworks 2017-2018 runs on Windows 8. No one on my team has encountered this problem and I seem to be the only one.

I'm attaching the pictures to the screens that I am getting.

Thank you for the help.