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Trying to combine surface bodies & solid bodies into one body so that I can scale down...

Question asked by Dave Krum on Dec 4, 2017
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Hello All,

I'm making a little desk plaque 3d print for my brother for xmas and took a few parts off the web in .sldprt format for the golf clubs.  I was able to scale one of them to get it to the approx. proportions as the other then brought both into a new assembly.  I then made a quick 3d line and extruded to join them together in a sort of "cross" style then saved out the assembly as a part so that I can scale it down to fit on my overall SW assembly.  Right now out to out of club tips is about 43" and I need the distance scaled down to about 6" or less (maybe .13 scale).  Since I don't know how the parts were created, I was just hoping to combine all the bodies in the attached then scale the whole "part" down.  "Combine" is grayed out so I tried "Intersect" but not having any luck with that either.  There must be a simple way to merge all bodies into one and scale it down.  Must be something simple I'm missing with the "intersect" feature.  I've never used this feature before.  Thanks in advance.


Message was edited by: Dave Krum Forgot to mention that I can use "scale" on the part as-is without using the Intersect feature to combine the bodies but when I key in the scale factor and select all of the bodies, they all scale down all over the screen and not connected.  This is why I figure I must join them all together first.  The intersect appears to join them all, but then when I look at the solid bodies, its only the middle join piece, and the rest still show as surface bodies.