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Is the linear motor direction can not be changed?

Question asked by Yuang Liu on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by Amit Nara

As I just set these two simpler components to describe my question.

↓This is the starting point of the motion.


↓As you can see, after the crash, the motor direction is still not changed.



However, I do think it is obviously contradictory from the website I give below:

2016 SOLIDWORKS Help - Motor PropertyManager

The "Notes" on the bottom says "If something causes the reference point of the motor direction to change, the motor continues to move the component in the new direction. This can occur, for example, if there is a collision between the component that is moved by the motor and another component."


The motor position is referenced in the cylinder and the direction is referenced to one end surface of the cylinder.


Can someone help me with it? I really need it to help with my project.

Wish u can use some simpler language as I am not native English speaker.