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3D thread accuracy in latest version(s)?

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by Gordon Rigg

I just read this thread WARNING - Thread feature in SW2016 is woefully inaccurate

Were the metric thread forms OK?

Have the terrible thread form tables been corrected since that post in later versions? Were they only wrong for a few sizes?

Did they issue a hotfix with the numbers corrected?


We just made a small investment in additive manufacturing, and have printed some threads which seem to actually fit (SW2016 SP5), so far only m8 coarse I think...


It would seem reasonable to expect design standards to be implemented correctly in solidworks ALWAYS, and any errors reported to be corrected almost immediately (as they are usually just look up tables of figures).

I've been assuming the tolerances I get when I apply H7 to a hole are correctly done....I haven't been cross referencing with ISO2500A recently

I know that I've ticked to agree that solidworks take no responsibility for such correctness, but generally, can this sort of thing be trusted?

What else have you found that is wrongly implemented?