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    Fit text in table cell

    Oleg Bezyaev

      I asked this early, but maybe somebody find way how to do this

       if (sub.GetTypeName2() == "GeneralTableFeature")
                              bool selected = sub.Select(false); //return true
                              GeneralTableFeature genTable = (GeneralTableFeature)model.ISelectionManager.GetSelectedObject6(1, -1);
                              TableAnnotation ooo = (TableAnnotation)genTable.GetTableAnnotations()[0];
                              Annotation ann = ooo.GetAnnotation();
                              ann.Select(false); //return true
                              var isRun = swApp.RunCommand((int)swCommands_e.swCommands_FitText, ""); //return true


      But method do nothing. All cells wich have extended text - stay with extended text.

      Maybe this problem has a different solution?