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Has anyone known selected faces of a component by macro

Question asked by Moon Wang on Dec 3, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2017 by Moon Wang

Hi Everybody,


my question concerns faces selection of a solidworks part.I selected faces(except the ones parallel to the horizontal plane) by clicking and recording the macro before,I feel this method is inefficient,I have to record macro everytime .some macros are as bellows.Could somebody please give me a suggestion , is there any better solution for my problem?


example: boolstatus = swDoc.Extension.SelectByID2("", "FACE", -0.013950437184717668, 0.0048886008117676738, 0.0062220522273719325, true, 0, null, 0);

                    boolstatus = swDoc.Extension.SelectByID2("", "FACE", 0.015000332186357213, 0.0049999999889678293, 0.0034442920428432444, true, 0, null, 0);



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