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    Sketch plane view snap

    Rob Jeanjaquet

      Hi all,

      I apologize for the duplicate post. I submitted this under the Parts group and thought I might get a better responce here.

      I just moved to 2009 sp 2. When I create a sketch I select the surface (top plane) and the grid appears. I then set orientation to top view. I know I can set SW up so the view (in this case top) moves automatically once I select the face to sketch on.
      I can't find how to set this up.


      p.s. I'm still new to this forum so sometimes I post questions in the wrong group.
      Will this effect the # of responces I get?
        • Sketch plane view snap
          Deepak Gupta

          That option of "Normal to view" has been discontinued. Don't know why. This is the same reply I have given in your other post.

          Well posting in the wrong forum will not effect the replies you will get but its always better and advisable to post under correct categories