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Is there a simple way to make a curve driven patterned cut from a part cut through multiple parts in an assembly?

Question asked by Jeff Mason on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by Erik Bilello

Hello all,


I am a LONG time lurker on this forum and it has saved me so many times I can't count. However, I seem to have run across a problem that hasn't been asked specifically.


What I am trying to do:


I have multiple layers of sheet stock that are going to be cut out using a laser cutter. I have a fairly complex hole pattern (the holes are polygons) on the first layer sheet that was done using a curve driven pattern. I should mention at this point that I am totally happy with how the first part/layer looks. The problem comes with the addition of subsequent layers of sheet stock in the assembly.


What I have tried so far:


  1. First idea was to edit layer 2 part in the main assembly and try to convert entity the CrvPattern on to it. Problem is it will not let me select it no matter what I do. All it will let me select is face on base layer part but it will not let me select that pattern feature to convert.
  2. I realize that a lot of people run into issues with propagating features created in the assembly level down to their parts. Is there a way to do it in reverse. In other words the holes that are part of the curve driven pattern in the base part are "through all". How can I make them actually THROUGH ALL??
  3. My last desperate attempt was to try to redo the curve driven pattern at the assembly level and propagate it back down to the part level. I was able to create the polygon hole as an assembly level feature and propagate it back down to the parts. It looks great...except that it is only one and I have literally HUNDREDS of holes. The problem I am running into is that I can not find curve driven pattern as an assembly features option at the assembly level. There is literally every other type of pattern.


I have attached the parts and assembly. The "MainOuterCover" is the base layer and has all the holes that I want to propagate up the the subsequent parts/layers of sheet stock.


I have a bad feeling that someone out there is going to go "duh" it's easy you just do _______ and I am going to feel like a total noob.


Thanks for the help in advance!