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    Command Manager Sketch Tab Issue

    Shad Thomas

      Since installing 2018, I've had issues with the command manager sketch tab. Every time I create a new sketch (click on a plane, click on sketch tab, click on sketch button) I am put into a sketch,  but my command manager tab area goes blank. I then have to click on the sketch tab again in order to get the tools to appear. This seems to happen regardless of how I create a new sketch. This does not happen when editing an existing sketch.


      Per my VAR, I went into the registry and did the renaming so that Solidworks would replace the entries. This fixed the problem. However, as soon as I customized the command manager with additional buttons on several of the tabs, the problem came back. Due to time constraints, I haven't been able to go back in and troubleshoot which exact customization may have caused it yet.


      Has anyone else had any issues similar to this?