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Removing system default "Part", "Assembly", and "Drawing" files from document template choices.

Question asked by Robert Weimer on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by Dan Pihlaja

Hi all,

I am trying to standardize all of the part, assembly and drawing files that my company uses in an effort to reign in the many different styles our personnel are currently using.  We work for many clients around the nation so it isn't that bad, although I can't believe that we didn't already have a set of standard of files to use for our Solidworks stuff.  I created some of the files and got them to be listed in the dialog box when we go to create new documents, and the categories actually work as well.  Hey I was even able to set the default files to use.

I was not able to completely remove the systems defaults that come with solidworks package however.  I tried to remove the file path, and it looks like it did it, but all it does is add the out of the box system files into my part and assembly categories that I have made.  See below.

From the picture, all I want is the "Assem Inch" and the "Assem Metric" files.  The other files are from the template that comes with the solidworks package.  If I leave the template folder that comes with the solidworks package, my folders don't get contaminated with unwanted imposter files that I don't want our personnel to use, but now they will have the opportunity to use the incorrect files, and worse yet, they are in 1 convenient sub-folder that is always first on the list no matter how I re-arrange the folder hierarchy.  Is there a way that I can completely remove the system files that come with the solidworks package and leave only the ones that I have created?