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How to Show Bend Notes in a Flat Pattern of Virtual Part

Question asked by Ryan Kinsey on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by Ryan Kinsey

Hello Everyone,

     I am having difficulties generating the bend notes from a virtual sheet metal part in an assembly. Currently, the structure of the part looks as the following:

  • SheetMetalPartNumber.sldasm
    • Virtual Sheet Metal Part
    • Hardware.sldprt (multiple instances)


     The reason we are using the sheet metal part as a virtual part rather an external part is due to our ERP system and how it integrates the data. The ERP system does not allow a part number to exist inside of itself (if that makes since) regardless if they are different file extensions. I have tried many things from many previous post in this forum with no success. Currently, I can perform the following operations to show the flat pattern and bend lines, but I cannot get the bend notes:

  1. Create sldasm
  2. Insert New Component
  3. Model Sheet Metal Component
  4. Make a configuration that shows the Flat Pattern ('Flatten' in the Sheet Metal Tab)
  5. Create a configuration in the sldasm that shows the Flat Pattern configuration of the virtual component
  6. Save sldasm (saving the component internally)
  7. Create the drawing, bring in the top view and select the flat pattern configuration.
  8. Navigate down the FeatureManagerDesign Tree and locate the bend lines feature in the flat pattern of the part and show



Does anyone have any ideas on how to generate the bend note information? Please let me know if this is even possible. Thank you.