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crashes, slow downs and quadro questions

Question asked by Frega . on Jan 28, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2009 by Frega .
i use the solidworks 2008 sp0.0 on my notebook
hp compaq nc8430 (C2D 2.0 / 2gb ddr2 667 / ATI X1600) but,
i have lots of slow downs, freeze (memory leaks)
and strange things are happening (example: when i create a drawing he don't asks me the report model, and when i try to change the model format in the proprietites nothing happend)

i have two questions...
1. Solid Works 2009 have the same memory leaks, slow downs and freeze?

2. a chair assemblie its small, consists in 15~30 parts.... its realy needed a Quadro? whats the diference bettween the Quadro and GeForce? if is needed a quadro, a FX 770M its a good card?

sorry the bad english, and thanks for the help