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Identifying duplicated files that are deleted

Question asked by Susan Renick on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2017 by Jeff Sweeney

I have run a check for duplications using query below and have over 9,000 line items to review.  I want to know which of the files are deleted so that I can have get approval to destroy as 0 files have been destroyed since implementation of PDM over 4 years ago (I just started so trying to clean up vault) and I don't want to go off and destroy thousands of files without checking first (cma)


is there a way to query on "is deleted" or "deleted by"? 



D.documentid, D.filename AS 'File Name', P.Path AS 'Project Path'

Documents D


INNER JOIN DocumentsInProjects DIP


ON D.DocumentID = DIP.DocumentID




ON DIP.ProjectID = P.ProjectID

D.Filename IN (SELECT Filename FROM Documents where Deleted = 0 GROUP BY Filename HAVING (COUNT(Filename) > 1))

BY D.Filename